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Instructions on how to locate your Turo Vehicle

1. Message host so we can be prepared to unlock once you reach the car. Save our numbers to your phone in case needed

    • 727-710-2480 Kari

    • 813-334-1663 Dee

2. Take a tram from your gate to the main terminal.

3. From the main terminal, follow signs for the Economy Parking/Car Rental Center. You will use escalators/elevators to go up to the train station.

4. Take train to the Economy Parking garage.

5. At Economy train, use the correct elevator to access Level 1 of Economy Parking based on what color the car is parked in.

  • The Purple/Gold elevator, or

  • The Green/Orange elevator

6. After exiting the elevator to the first floor of the parking garage, use the moving walkway to get to the elevators (in glass doors) within the parking garage. Use the elevator to access the Level of the parking garage the car is on.

7. After exiting the elevator for the level the car is parked on, locate the aisle the car is parked in.

8. Locate vehicle in the aisle. Enter. The key fob is inside (usually under floor mat and on an orange lanyard.

9. Ensure you have directions ready to your destination once you exit the parking garage.

10. Follow Exit signs to exit the Economy parking garage.

  • Go to the Sunpass exit if host says the Sunpass was used

  • Go to Credit Card lane to use credit card

  • Go to customer

    service lane for cash or assistance

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