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20+ Things to do in Pass a Grille Beach: Exploring St. Pete’s Best-Kept Treasure

Pass a Grill Main Concession

Pass-a-Grille, one of our favorite beaches on St. Pete Beach, captivates with stunning shores, vibrant culture, and historic landmarks. Despite different spelling variations like Pass a Grille, Passagrille, or pasa grille, it remains one of St. Pete’s best-kept treasures. The beach itself is a serene haven, perfect for spending leisurely hours under an umbrella. However, don’t miss the chance to explore this charming town located on the southern tip of St. Pete Beach, a mere 20-minute drive from downtown St. Petersburg, FL.

Visitors can indulge in a myriad of activities and experiences, including a vibrant shopping scene boasting locally owned beach boutiques and art galleries. Pass-a-Grille is renowned for its rich history and culture, showcased by its historic landmarks and attractions. Explore the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum, stroll through the Pass-a-Grille Historic District or visit the Don CeSar Hotel’s World War II display. Each offers a unique glimpse into the town’s captivating past. Pass-a-Grille guarantees something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

Pass-a-Grille’s stunning beaches, unique architecture, and vibrant culture make it a popular destination for visitors from around the world. Getting to Pass-a-Grille is easy and convenient, whether it’s driving, taking public transportation, biking, or walking. So, continue with us why we lay out some of the best features we feel provides the best opportunity to explore this hidden gem and create lasting memories.

Location and Access

Aerial shot Pass-a-Grille shore line and beach - Things to do in Passagrille

Pass-a-Grille is a quiet Old Florida town located on the southern tip of St. Pete Beach, just under 20 minutes from downtown St. Petersburg, FL. It is situated on a barrier island that divides the Gulf of Mexico and Boca Ciega Bay, offering visitors stunning views and a range of activities and experiences.

From Interstate 275

To get to Pass-a-Grille Beach from I-275, visitors can exit and head west, following the signs for St. Pete Beach on the Pinellas Bayway. From Pinellas Bayway, turn onto Pass-a-grille way heading in the direction of the southern tip of St. Pete beach. Visitors will pass by the Don CeSar Hotel, one of the most recognized historic places in the area, on their way to Pass-a-Grille Beach.

Pass-a-Grille Beach is just south of Madeira Beach, which is one of the best small beach towns in Florida. From Tampa International Airport (TPA), it is a 35-minute drive to Pass-a-Grille.

Parking in Pass a Grille

There are plenty of metered parking spots next to the beach on Pass-a-Grille Way and along the bay on Gulf Way. Parking meters are from 8 am to 8 pm, and metered parking is free after hours only. During peak times, parking can be difficult to find near the downtown area. However, visitors can park further north or on the south end and walk to the beach. Central parking near Paradise Grille beach area tends to fill up first, so visitors should look for alternative spots.

For those who don’t want to walk, there are free shuttle services available. Visitors can download the Freebee app and take a free ride around town. They can also check out local deals and offers while on the app. If visitors need to get from Pass-a-Grille to St. Pete, they can take the Free Beach Ride, which is free, and the drivers work strictly on tips.

Scenic Views and Sunsets at Pass a Grille

One of the most impressive things about Pass-a-Grille Beach is its breathtaking scenery. The beach is a long stretch of white sand that offers incredible views of the Gulf of Mexico. You can walk for miles and take in the beauty of the clear blue water and soft sand underfoot. The sunset views from the beach are also something that shouldn’t be missed. Pass-a-Grille Beach is known for its stunning sunsets that will leave you mesmerized.

Things To Do In Pass a Grille

Pass-a-Grille Beach is a popular destination for water activities and sports, with a range of services and activities available for visitors of all ages. Here are some of the must-try activities and services on Pass-a-Grille Beach:

Public Parks

Pass-a-Grille Beach is home to several public parks, each offering its own unique set of amenities and features. Col Frank T. Hurley Park is located on 16th Avenue and features a playground, restrooms, and showers. Gulf Beaches Historical Museum Park is located on 10th Avenue and offers a gazebo, restrooms, and a picnic area. The Don Vista Community Center is located on 9th Avenue and offers a playground, restrooms, and tennis courts. The parks are perfect for families and offer a range of activities, such as picnics, volleyball, and basketball.

Wheel Fun Rentals

Wheel Fun Rentals - Things to do in Passagrille

Wheel Fun Rentals is a bike rental company that offers a range of bicycles, surreys, and pedal boats for rent. Visitors can explore Pass-a-Grille’s beautiful scenery and architecture with a leisurely bike ride, and the company also offers guided tours of the town. The trails are easy to navigate and offer stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Merry Pier

Merry Pier - Things to do in Pass a Grille

Merry Pier is a historic and iconic attraction located in the charming beach town of Pass-a-Grille in St. Pete, Florida. This pier is known for its stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico, picturesque sunsets, and for offering a wide range of fishing and boating activities.

Merry Pier has been a staple in the Pass-a-Grille community for over 50 years. It was originally built in the 1940s and has since undergone several renovations and updates to make it the modern and enjoyable attraction that it is today. The pier has survived numerous hurricanes, including the infamous Hurricane Irma in 2017, and has remained a beloved landmark of the area.

Visitors to Merry Pier can enjoy a variety of activities, including fishing, boating, and sightseeing. The pier offers fishing gear rentals and bait for those who want to try their luck catching fish such as snapper, grouper, and mackerel. For those who prefer to stay on land, there are plenty of spots to relax and enjoy the beautiful view.

One of the most unique features is its ferry service, which takes visitors to nearby Shell Key, a beautiful and secluded island that is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles. Visitors can also take a sunset cruise or a dolphin watching tour.

In addition to its recreational activities, Merry Pier is also a popular spot for shopping and dining. The pier features several shops that sell souvenirs, beach gear, and fishing supplies. There is also a café that offers a variety of snacks and refreshments, including ice cream, sandwiches, and hot dogs.

Overall, Merry Pier is a must-visit attraction for anyone visiting Pass-a-Grille in St. Pete, Florida. Its history, stunning views, and wide range of activities make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

St. Petersburg Speedboat Adventures:

St. Petersburg Speedboat Adventures is a thrilling way to explore the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Visitors can rent a speedboat and explore the town’s beautiful coastline, historic landmarks, and wildlife. The company offers guided tours and a range of customizable options.


PADL – Paddleboard Rental Station: offers a range of paddleboards for rent. Visitors can explore the Gulf of Mexico and the town’s waterways at their own pace and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Special Events:

Pass-a-Grille Beach is home to a variety of special events throughout the year, such as festivals, art shows, and live music performances. Visitors can always check for upcoming events on the St. Pete Beach website.

Cabana, Umbrella, and Lounge Chair Rentals via Sand Dunes Beach Services: Sand Dunes Beach Services offers cabana, umbrella, and lounge chair rentals on Pass-a-Grille Beach. Visitors can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunshine in comfort.

All things considered, Pass-a-Grille Beach is a haven for water activities and sports enthusiasts, with a wide range of activities and services available for visitors of all ages. Whether it’s exploring the Gulf of Mexico on a speedboat or paddleboard, deep sea fishing, or watching dolphins and other marine life in their natural habitat, Pass-a-Grille has something for everyone. Visitors can also relax and enjoy the stunning scenery on the beach while renting cabanas, umbrellas, and lounge chairs through Sand Dunes Beach Services. Don’t forget to explore the town’s public parks, each with its own unique set of amenities and features, and try out Wheel Fun Rentals for a fun and leisurely bike ride. Pass-a-Grille is the perfect destination for water activities and sports, with endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Historic Landmarks and Culture

Pass-a-Grille is a town steeped in history and culture, with a rich and diverse past that has shaped its present-day charm and character. Here are some of the must-visit historic landmarks and cultural destinations in Pass-a-Grille:

Gulf Beaches Historical Museum

Gulf Beach Historical MuseumThe Gulf Beaches Historical Museum is a fascinating museum located in the charming beach town of Pass-a-Grille, Florida. This museum is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the Gulf Beaches area, which includes Pass-a-Grille, St. Pete Beach, and Treasure Island.

The museum is housed in a historic church building that was built in the 1930s and has been beautifully restored to its original condition. Visitors can explore the museum’s many exhibits and displays, which cover a wide range of topics related to the area’s history.

Some of the most popular exhibits at the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum include the collection of vintage beachwear and swimwear, which showcases the evolution of beach fashion over the decades. There are also exhibits that focus on the area’s military history, including artifacts from World War II and the Cold War era.

Another highlight of the museum is the display of shells and marine life native to the area, which includes a large collection of seashells, starfish, and sand dollars. Visitors can also learn about the area’s early settlers and the important role that the fishing industry played in the development of the Gulf Beaches area.

Visitors to the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum can take a guided tour of the museum or explore at their own pace. There is also a gift shop on site that sells souvenirs, books, and other items related to the history of the Gulf Coast.

Overall, the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum is a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in the history and culture of the Gulf Coast. With its informative exhibits, charming setting, and friendly staff, it offers visitors a unique and memorable experience that will deepen their appreciation for this beautiful and fascinating part of the world.

Pass-a-Grille Historic District

The Pass-a-Grille Historic District is a charming area that showcases the town’s unique and eclectic architecture. The district is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural landmarks that offer visitors a glimpse into the town’s history and culture. The architecture in the district ranges from classic Florida bungalows to Mediterranean Revival-style homes.

Don CeSar Hotel and its World War II Display

Don Caesar Hotel, St. Pete - Things to do at Pass-a-grille

The Don CeSar Hotel, situated in St. Pete, Florida, is a magnificent and historic beachfront hotel. Revered as “The Pink Palace,” this beloved landmark has graced the area since its establishment in 1928. Alongside its opulent amenities and exquisite architecture, the Don CeSar Hotel houses a captivating World War II display.

Located in the lobby, the World War II display at the Don CeSar Hotel commemorates the hotel’s significant role during the war. It served as a military hospital and rehabilitation center for wounded soldiers. The display showcases artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia from this era, including a letter of gratitude from President Franklin D. Roosevelt, acknowledging the hotel’s service to the nation.

Visitors to the Don CeSar Hotel have opport to delve into its enthralling history and its significant contribution to the war effort. The display stands as a testament to the hotel’s enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to the community. It is an essential attraction for those seeking insights into the history of St. Pete and the United States during World War II.

Native Americans – History in PassaGrille

A depiction of the Florida Lost Tribe of Tocobaga

Pass-a-Grille, Florida, boasts a rich history intertwined with the presence of Native Americans. The Tocobaga tribe, the primary indigenous group, inhabited the area from approximately 1,000 to 1,700 AD. They relied on the abundant resources of the Gulf of Mexico and nearby waterways for sustenance, transportation, and trade.

Skilled as hunters and fishermen, the Tocobaga utilized various tools and techniques to capture fish, shellfish, and aquatic creatures. Additionally, they cultivated crops like corn, beans, and squash in the fertile local soil.

Archaeological findings reveal that the Tocobaga inhabited substantial villages along the shores of Tampa Bay, including the Pass-a-Grille vicinity. These villages featured intricate shell mounds formed over centuries of habitation, containing artifacts and remnants of the Tocobaga people. The town derives its name, “Pass-a-Grille,” from the Spanish phrase “pasa la grilla,” meaning “pass through the grates,” a reference to the Tocobaga’s fishing methods.

Pass-a-Grille Today

Today, visitors can explore Pass-a-Grille’s Native American history through tours, exhibits, and educational programs. The Gulf Beaches Historical Museum showcases artifacts and exhibits highlighting the Tocobaga people and other indigenous groups.

The Native Americans left a lasting legacy in Pass-a-Grille, shaping its history and culture. Preserving and sharing this heritage is crucial for future generations to appreciate the region’s rich history.

Pass-a-Grille possesses a diverse history, shaping its present charm. Landmarks like the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum, Pass-a-Grille Historic District, and Don CeSar Hotel offer cultural exploration. Delve into the town’s past to truly grasp its unique allure.

Pass A Grille Shops Can Not Be Overlooked

Pass-a-Grille is renowned for its charming boutiques and art galleries. Many of these establishments are housed in historic buildings along 8th Avenue. It is highly recommended for visitors to explore these locally owned businesses and galleries. A notable stop is Galene’s Paradise, located at 808 Pass-a-Grille Way. This establishment features a gallery showcasing the work of local artists. Art enthusiasts and collectors should not miss the opportunity to visit.

For those with a penchant for handcrafted items, the Suntan Art Center hosts the PassaGrille Art Market every Sat – Sun, from 9 to 2 pm. Additionally, the market operates on Fridays from January to April. Local artists set up booths on the patio adjacent to Paradise Grill, weather permitting. Here, visitors can peruse and purchase a diverse array of unique a

Pass a Grille Today

Today, visitors can explore Pass-a-Grille’s Native American history through tours, exhibits, and educational programs. The Gulf Beaches Historical Museum showcases artifacts and exhibits highlighting the Tocobaga people and other indigenous groups.

The Native Americans  left a lasting legacy in Pass-a-Grille, shaping its history and culture. Preserving and sharing this heritage is crucial for future generations to appreciate the region’s rich history.

Pass-a-Grille possesses a diverse history, shaping its present charm. Landmarks like the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum, Pass-a-Grille Historic District, and Don CeSar Hotel offer cultural exploration. Delve into the town’s past to truly grasp its unique allure.

nd handcrafted items, including jewelry, pottery, paintings, and more. All the while, they can relish the breathtaking scenery of Pass-a-Grille.

Another boutique that deserves attention is Dody’s Beach Boutique. This establishment offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for women, men, and children. From swimsuits to beach hats, visitors can find everything they need for a delightful day at the beach.

Pass-a-Grille’s shopping scene exudes a distinctive character, offering businesses and galleries to cater to every taste. Exploring historic buildings and charming streets reveals hidden treasures and exclusive, one-of-a-kind items. Pass-a-Grille ensures a tailored experience for art, handcrafted pieces, and fashionable attire seekers.

Delicious Delights: Exploring Pass-a-Grille’s Must-Try Restaurants and Culinary Scene

Pass-a-Grille boasts a vibrant and diverse culinary scene with an array of restaurants and cafes. These establishments serve a wide range of local specialties and international dishes. Let’s explore some must-visit places, delve into their history, and discover the delectable food they are renowned for.

Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey, a beloved local and visitor hotspot for decades, is a relaxed outdoor restaurant on historic 8th Avenue. It enchants with its laid-back ambiance, live music, and a menu featuring seafood, sandwiches, and refreshing beverages. Notably, Brass Monkey is renowned for its mouthwatering shrimp po’ boys, showcasing the freshest, most delectable flavors.


Grace, a fine-dining establishment, occupies a historic 1920s-era home in Pass-a-Grille. The restaurant emanates a welcoming atmosphere, coupled with its reputation for elevated cuisine, an impressive wine selection, and impeccable service. With a frequently changing menu, Grace showcases the finest seasonal ingredients, local seafood, and an array of international culinary delights.

The Hurricane

The Hurricane Seafood Restaurant is a Pass-a-Grille landmark that has been serving up fresh, locally caught seafood since 1977. The restaurant is situated right on the beach and offers stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico. The Hurricane is known for its seafood specialties, including their famous Grouper sandwich and their delicious clam chowder.

Seahorse Restaurant

The Seahorse Restaurant is a hidden gem located on 8th Avenue in Pass-a-Grille. This family-owned restaurant has been serving up delicious seafood and other specialties for over 35 years. The menu features a range of dishes, including fresh seafood, pasta, and steak. Their lobster bisque is a must-try dish.

Paradise Sweets

Paradise Sweets, a dessert shop established in 2006, has been delighting Pass-a-Grille with its irresistible ice cream, gelato, and treats. Located on 8th Avenue, this charming shop offers homemade desserts like creamy ice cream, refreshing sorbet, and delightful Italian ice. Their creamy flavors are a hit, especially the popular key lime pie flavor.

Paradise Grill Pass-a-Grille

Paradise Grill, situated on the scenic Intracoastal Waterway, is a relaxed waterfront restaurant. It exudes a laid-back vibe with its casual, tiki-inspired ambiance. The menu presents a delightful assortment of seafood and American classics, encompassing burgers, sandwiches, and refreshing salads. Notably, Paradise Grill is celebrated for its vibrant happy hour and their delectable crab cakes, which are a true crowd-pleaser.

Shadracks Pass-a-Grille

Shadracks, a family-owned restaurant, has been a culinary staple in Pass-a-Grille for over 30 years. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, it offers a delectable selection of fresh seafood, steaks, and other delightful specialties. The menu highlights locally sourced seafood, succulent steaks, and an enticing array of homemade desserts. Shadracks’ reputation shines especially bright due to their exceptional surf and turf creations.

Islands End Pass-a-Grille

Islands End is a restaurant situated on the Intracoastal Waterway. It offers indoor and outdoor seating, providing breathtaking sunset views. The menu includes fresh seafood, salads, and sandwiches. The restaurant is famous for its delicious crab cakes and grouper sandwich.

Pass-a-Grille’s culinary scene is an integral part of its vibrant culture. It features historic restaurants, cafes, and dessert shops that have served delicious food and drinks for decades. Whether you prefer fine dining or a casual outdoor meal, Pass-a-Grille has something to offer. The town’s historic landmarks and charming architecture create the perfect backdrop for enjoying a meal or a refreshing drink. Don’t miss the chance to try the local specialties and fresh seafood that define Pass-a-Grille’s culinary scene.

As We Conclude,

Pass-a-Grille Beach, an undiscovered gem in Florida, awaits your exploration. Its breathtaking views, inviting waters, and rich cultural landmarks make it a must-visit destination. Relax, engage in water activities, savor local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the history of Gulf Beaches. Start planning your visit to experience Pass-a-Grille’s beauty firsthand.

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